Crane Saftey

We believe that attitudes dictate behavior. Positive safety attitudes produce safe work behavior and deter unsafe acts. A strong safety culture has safety conscious managers, supervisors and employees. We believe that in order for safety to be taken seriously, it needs to be a part of the job, regardless of job title.

Every employee, no matter what level of seniority is equally responsible for aiding in the success in reaching our goal, which is to be the best. We are continuously striving to not just be injury free, but incident free!


Imperial Crane only hires operators that hold a Nationally Accredited Crane Operator Certification. In addition, we conduct competency evaluations on all of our operators to ensure they are familiar with the specific equipment he/she is assigned to operate.


Our Safety Department uses state of the art safety management tools that enable management & employees to share the responsibility for preventing accidents.

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