Testimonial letters from our customers to nominate Imperial Crane for the Daily Herald Business Ledger family business “Business in Excellence” award which we were recognized for.

George “Red” Gilmartin
President, ARS Contracting, Inc.
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Jeffrey Stiglet
Site Safety & Health Officer, Sauer Incorporated
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Mike McMahon
Omega Demolition Corp
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James Griffith
Chief Operating Officer, Advantage Industrials Systems (AIS)
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Other Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

I’ve been aware of Imperial Crane Services for the past couple of years from peers in the industry. Imperial Crane Services has a reputation for having a lot of high-quality equipment so we chose the company for that reason. The wind projects are not the first time we’ve utilized Imperial Crane Services’ cranes. We’ve worked with them in the past and will continue to work with them in the future.

Bryce Peterson
Director of Equipment Operations Wanzek Construction<

I wanted to send a bit of “swag” your way, and kindly request you share this with your Imperial team members. If it was not for the effort of yourself, Fred and others, our project at 111 W. Wacker Dr., would have been very difficult to complete. You guys are awesome, and it was a pleasure to meet and work with all.

Steve F. Reavis
Construction Manager Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated

Thank you for your continued efforts to provide Omega with excellent equipment, quality operators, and superior customer support to continually fulfill Omega’s project needs. Imperial is a highly regarded and valued resource for Omega Demolition. Additionally, Omega would like to thank Imperial for providing additional training and support during Omega’s Safety Meeting this past week. Omega’s ongoing pursuit of the highest levels of safety on all of its projects is obviously echoed by Imperial.

Keith Splitgerber
Sr. Project Manager Omega Demolition

I only work with Imperial Crane on my jobs. I trust Imperial, for finding the correct crane and layout. I know the operators, I know their crew. When it comes to Imperial, I am confident there will be no worries. In five years I have had no issues. I need a job done, I call Imperial. It’s like pressing the easy button

David Seper

Safety Director, Wigdahl

The Imperial Crane Service’s commitment to risk management excellence is truly an amazing accomplishment. We have underwritten literally thousands of crane accounts since 1996 and rarely do we see this type of favorable loss experience, particularly with the scope of Imperial projects that include refineries as well as tough City of Chicago projects.

Mike Leamanczyk
Chief Underwriting Officer, National Builders Insurance Co.

I choose Imperial because I knew I could depend on them from start to finish.  Although pricing is always important, the real reason I chose Imperial is because,  I knew [they] would stay involved throughout the entire process and would be available and helpful with any knowledgeable that may arise.

Gary Hammond
General Service Manager, Howell Tractor

Imperial’s competitive prices were within our budget, but equally as important are the level of qualified operators, equipment and management team they offer.  We feel confident that every crane used is safe and in great working condition.

Assistant Project Manager Walsh Construction Co.

I have worked with Imperial on different projects.  I stay with them because of the quality service they provide.

Michael Eaton

I have always had safe experiences with Imperial’s employees.  An appropriate and qualified operator is matched to each job.   It is important for me to feel confident that a professional expert is in the seat.

Dan DeLarosa
Omega Demolition