Established in 1948, Tadano is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydraulic cranes. Their over 50 years of staying power can be attributed to an ability to adapt to customer’s changing needs. We have depended heavily on Tadano’s quality over the years, so confident in their reputation we became a dealer in rough terrain cranes.

Tadano’s rough terrain cranes are known for their dependability, minimal maintenance and excellent service while working under the toughest environments. Customer confidence is seen worldwide in their productivity, mobility, safety and versatility. Tadano’s lighter, stronger hexagonal booms achieve exceptional lifting height and working range. Their AML-L load moment indicator is at the forefront of rated capacity limiter technology, providing superior operation monitoring and safety. The outriggers are quickly and efficiently set and their wide span offers high stability. The rough terrain crane is a powerful machine with a six cylinder, direct injection, high output, water-cooled, turbocharged Mitsubishi diesel engine.

For any questions or inquiries, contact:

Jeff Bohne

President of Sales