TEC HOIST, LLC is named as the sole US distributor for STROS construction hoists, rack and pinion special purpose elevators and mast climbing work

TEC HOIST, LLC is part of the Imperial Crane family of companies. We service local high rise building contractors as well as national customers with STROS permanently installed special purpose elevators. TEC HOIST employs a wide range of hoists, from equipment well suited for low rise residential projects to special high speed and large capacity lifts.

We are dealers in STROS industrial elevators and construction hoists. Industrial elevators are used in spaces that are too small to use a conventional elevator and in extreme outdoor environments. They are useful in refineries, coal handling centers and cement plants. STROS construction hoists have single and dual cage rack and pinion construction hoists with capacities of 6000 or 7000 lbs. with speeds up to 300 FPM.

TEC HOIST, LLC is the USA distributor for STROS. We know the importance of having critical spare parts available and maintain a complete inventory of our equipment for STROS users across the U.S.


For any questions or inquiries, contact:
Jeff Bohne, President of Sales
Imperial Crane
Direct: 708.267.9006