3D Lift Plan

  • Provides highly accurate 3D graphics allowing Imperial staff to prepare visual presentations for customers
  • Ability to view lift plans from any angle
  • Displays images of objects on jobsite
  • Shows impact of work on jobsite area
  • Performs simulation of lift while monitoring the crane’s capacity Compu-Crane
  • Automatically lists appropriate cranes and configurations
  • Generates crane specs, load charts and site views
  • Collision detection for boom, jib and tail swing
  • Allows rotation of carrier to any relative load position
  • Easy-to-use dimensioning to identify objects and obstructions
  • Displays rear obstacles

Technology Picture 1

Technology Picture 2

3D Lift Plan Compu-Crane

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3D Lift Plan


  • Used in critical lift planning and overall job planning
  • Important in large scale job, such as turnarounds, by showing our proper coverage and ability to support all the trades
  • Able to provide contractors with printouts, confirming we are able to make the necessary lifts
  • Instantly and accurately add in cranes to an existing AutoCAD layouts, saving immense amount of time

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  • Improves productivity, minimizes downtime
  • Improves safety and avoids expensive repairs with sophisticated tracking of vehicle service history
  • Automatic alerts instruct fleet managers when to schedule preventative maintenance, allowing proper coordination with end users to minimize delays and costs
  • Spatial clustering allows fleet managers to see an entire fleet on one screen and drill down to a single piece of equipment
  • Continuous inventory control and management, minimizing risk and optimizing utilization allowing us to maintain the lowest possible equipment rates

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