Imperial Power Services

Imperial Power Services, Inc.

A Division of Imperial Crane Services, Inc.

After almost 40 years of successfully applying our inimitable turnkey service model to the lifting and rigging needs of the petro-chemical industry giants like CITGO, British Petroleum, Conoco Phillips and NAES Power Contractors, Imperial Crane Services has expanded its footprint with the formation of Imperial Power Services.

Imperial Power Services has the capability of servicing well beyond basic lifting and rigging needs. We boast a proprietary operational evolution from start to finish. By managing the multi-disciplined craft required for the execution of any job, we ensure adherence to our outstanding safety culture and work quality that has made Imperial Crane an industry leader. From pre-planning to lift-plan development and the safe execution of each lift, Imperial Power Services exemplifies outstanding managed-task excellence.

Imperial Power Services has completed prototypical managed-task jobs in the nuclear industry. We operate proficiently in switchyard settings, working within standard minimum approach distances with qualified electrical workers. Our ability to customize safe work practices to adhere to the strict procedures of nuclear facilities or switchyards has enabled us to complete tasks in a safe, efficient and timely manner to the satisfaction of our customers.

Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power
Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant is a dual-unit nuclear power plant generating over two thousand megawatts of electricity; enough to meet the residential, commercial and industrial electric power needs of a city the size of Detroit. Imperial Power Services is a crane provider for Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant. We supply operators, riggers and lift planners, and also the necessary oversight required to complete their outage objectives. We control critical facets of the lifting and rigging evolution’s, resulting in efficient and, above all, the safe execution of required tasks.


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