Imperial Crane Services Takes Center Stage

Imperial Crane Services, Inc. was recently showcased on an episode of the World’s Greatest TV Show on Monday, March 30th and replayed again on Monday, April 6th .

World’s Greatest TV show episodes give an in-depth look at companies that are not only unique, but also stand out in the industry. Imperial Crane was chosen as an industry leader in crane rental, sales and service, in addition to their dedication, commitment and safety to the customers they serve.

Throughout the clip, Imperial Crane emphasizes what it takes to be recognized as one of the largest crane rental companies in the world and the ingredients for success. When you factor in that the world of construction “needs” things done at a snap of a finger and can’t afford to have “downtime”, Imperial Crane is the solution. There aren’t many companies out there that can complement this which is what makes Imperial Crane the “World’s Greatest”.

“It is such a privilege to have been featured on the World’s Greatest TV show. Imperial Crane wouldn’t have reached this level of success without the support of our dedicated employees and local customers. For this we thank you.” – B.J. Bohne, CEO/President and Lance Bohne, Executive Vice President.

Watch the episode below:

For over 45 years, Imperial Crane Services, Inc. has been committed to the manufacturing and heavy industries providing crane rentals on daily or long term lift projects with over 250 pieces of equipment. Imperial Crane is dedicated to providing the highest standards in safety, service and quality. Starting as a one crane operation, Imperial has grown their rental and sales divisions to create a worldwide organization.